We’re here to add value, and as a recruitment partner, it’s our job to get to the heart of the brief – to find out why your business is a great place to work, but also to recognise what the challenges are. By seeing the whole picture, we can identify the candidate who will truly excel for you.

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Trust Us With This

Contrary to what some people think, most top performers don’t want an easy life – they want to really challenge themselves and face tough situations head on, with a view to making their mark. They recognise that if you’re not challenged, you’re not growing. We have the experience to ask you the difficult questions.

Our Reach

Sure, we’re based in England. But technology has changed how business is done and we can now focus on building our relationships internationally without leaving a big carbon footprint. So far, we’ve worked in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Nordics, Poland and even South Africa. Safe to say, we know our way around Europe, and occasionally a bit further afield too.

Our Approach

We focus on the “why”.
Why would top performing candidates want to join your business?
Defining what you want is crucial, but it’s just the start.
Working with you to define your company’s “why” is our speciality.

There’s a lot of competition for talent in the ingredients market. When you work with us, you’re not just investing in our market expertise, or our network. You’re also picking us to represent your business to the world.

When we first meet you, we’ll show you what we’ve done for our clients – we guarantee that you’ll be wowed. Asking candidates to have a look at a website or read a job description doesn’t put you ahead of your competitors. Ultimately, we need to understand why someone would leave their current employer to come and join you. The message has to be compelling, and we’ll ensure that it is.

From there, it’s over to us. We could tell you about a process we’ve refined that works time after time, but that’d be rubbish. From highly sensitive roles where we focus on headhunting and even send NDAs to the candidates we approach, to positions that we want the whole industry to know about, our approach is always bespoke to your needs.

Want to know more?

Drop us a message and we’ll arrange to have a chat.

Our Services

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Retained Search

Most of our work is retained – ie. we ask for a financial commitment for providing the solution you need. This suits assignments that require defined timescales, senior appointments, roles for which a highly specialist skillset is sought and assignments for which we think professionally designed documents should be in play to support us in order to attract high calibre candidates.

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Non-Retained Search

Some of our search is non-retained – ie. we only take a fee after we fill the position for you. We’ll recommend working this way if we feel that we have candidates that will be interested in the role immediately, or if we can generate candidates quickly without going through the additional layers that we put into a retained search.

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Talent Mapping

There’s many reasons why you may not be ready to begin the hiring process, yet you would like to know who’s out there. We can deliver the required insight to enable you to make an informed decision about your next steps.

Client Testimonials

Simon has supported us on a number of low-key headhunting projects over the two years that we’ve worked with him.

Discreet, and excellent at gaining people’s attention when perhaps they weren’t planning on exploring a new role.

Managing Director – Medium-Sized Manufacturer

It is a privilege that I am writing this reference – I am recommending the services of the 1485 team…their services are impeccable, a word I use rarely.

1485 provided value add candidates through a thorough benchmarked process leading to successfully employed team members, at all levels, within the commercial and supply chain environment, all have delivered accelerated value add. Perfect.

Above that, they were reasonable and easy to work with due to their excellent people skills and never-compromising results.

1485 deliver gamechangers.

James Anderson, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer – HTC Health

Had a great service from Simon at 1485 to find us two UK BDMs to drive our technical sales offering.

Thorough interviewing provided us with a great shortlist to interview, and the way our business was sold to the market place was excellent.

I was genuinely surprised by how thorough the examination of our offering was, and how strong this made our message to the market.

UK Managing Director – SME