Need Some Help With Your CV?

We’ve got you covered.

Now, we’re going to get serious here, because your CV is a serious topic. This short document is what, 99% of the time, a hiring manager is going to use to make the initial judgement of whether to ask you for an interview. A couple of pieces of A4 paper that summarise your entire professional life. Pretty brutal, isn’t it? Well, the fact of the matter is that this weird way of doing things isn’t going to change any time soon, so we need to make it work to your advantage.

You probably think the reader’s going to scrutinize every word, looking at every detail with a fine toothcomb. Right? Wrong. The average time spent reading a CV is under 7 seconds. 7 measly seconds! That time frame won’t secure you a job, but it can sure mean you won’t be getting asked for an interview, if your CV isn’t screaming “this person is great for this role”. That’s where we come in.

With over 25 years of industry-specific recruitment experience between the two Directors of 1485, we know what a good CV looks like. Better still, we know what a great CV looks like, and that’s what we’ll produce for you when you use our CV writing service.

However, we don’t agree that any recruiter can make a CV great. We will only work with candidates in our specific industries, because that’s where we will truly add value over a generic CV writing business.

We will ensure that your CV:

  • Has a professional layout
  • Keeps a “personal touch”, unique to you
  • Contains no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Doesn’t include any unnecessary or irrelevant details
  • Pinpoints the achievements that really make you stand out
  • Exceeds hiring manager expectations
  • Gives you the best chance possible of securing an interview


How Do We Do It?

We will have an initial consultation with you – we need to understand if your current CV just needs tweaking, whether you’re starting from scratch, or whether it’s somewhere in between.  If you don’t get the right feeling from us, or you think someone else is better positioned to help you, no problem whatsoever – we can even point you in another direction.

But assuming you’re happy, we’ll talk further, to understand your career history, from an operational perspective as well as quantifying your achievements – not just what you’ve done, but how well you’ve done it. We’ll build a full picture of your time in the profession, so we’ll need you to set aside some time to talk to us in detail, here.

When we’ve got a full grasp of everything, we’ll spend 48 hours building your CV – making it as close to perfect as it can be. If there’s anything you’re not sure about, you don’t want included, or you just don’t understand – we’re here to help, not hinder, so we’ll be here for you to speak to every step of the way.


What Does It Cost?

Our price is simple and transparent.

For a full CV build, it’s £249.

For adjusting, improving and tailoring, it’s £139.

This covers our time, but nothing more. It’s a service designed to give our candidates the very best chance of securing that next role.

Get in touch to discuss our CV writing services.