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About us

Who we are

After a decade working in recruitment, the two of us decided to get our heads together and build a business where people would want to work.

We’re not quite chalk and cheese, but we’re really not that similar either. We like to think that some healthy debate makes our decisions better and our business stronger.

What we always agree on is that if we strive for what’s best for our customers, both clients and candidates, then everyone wins.


Meet us


1485’s Food Ingredients practice is led by Paul.

Before establishing 1485, he worked for a specialist search firm, establishing it as a recruitment partner to dozens of companies in the Ingredients & Nutrition market across the UK, Europe and North America.

Simon square

Simon is responsible for 1485’s Capital Equipment practice.

 A seasoned recruiter within Food and Engineering, his focus is always on building relationships and providing the very best service. He believes that it’s all about the people and finding what they need.