Giving a little bit back

In 2021, we sponsored a local cricket team. We were their main sponsors for the season, and it cost us an awful lot of money.

Why? Well, we had this idea that we should give a bit back, and we thought that the local community was as good a place as any on which to focus our efforts.

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If you’re doing this as a hiring manager, please stop it. Right now.

Founders, Managing Directors, HR Managers, first time managers, even someone sharing for a friend. They’re all guilty of doing the exact same thing.

I’ve seen examples of all of them doing this in just twenty minutes scrolling through LinkedIn today.

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“So what’s your salary, then?”

This is a question that seems to be driving a lot of debate at the moment, so we thought we’d wade in with our own advice on how to answer it.

Or, more pressingly, whether you should have to answer it at all. There’s a popular school of thought now that what you’re currently earning should bear no relevance to your job application whatsoever.

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“I’m not looking for a new job at the moment, thanks”.

We tend to get this response every now and again, with no explanation. It blows my mind. I’m not talking about a candidate who’s been in their new role for 3 months, and they've received a blanket message from someone who's not bothered to read their profile.

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