We could say here that we set up 1485 back in 2019 because we wanted to reinvent recruitment, or that we’ve developed a game changing method that makes us totally different. Yawn. The reality is that too many recruiters make lazy claims like that without backing them up. Ever been told about an “exciting opportunity with a great business”? Ever wondered what that actually means? Yeah, us too. You won't get that on our watch.

What We Do

We work with a wide cross-section of companies in 3 distinct areas:

  • Food Ingredients
  • Food & Beverage Brands
  • Nutritional Brands & Nutraceuticals

Some of our clients are known across the globe. Others are start-ups with a whole load of ambition. Many sit somewhere in between. Some are in the UK. Some are elsewhere in Europe. All have a unique story to tell and attract very different types of people. And all value their recruitment process and how they are being represented to prospective employees. Ultimately, our clients are companies that don’t just want a job filling. They want the best possible person for that position and they use our expertise to make that happen.

We recruit Commercial, Technical and Senior Leadership roles – we’re not a jack of all trades, but when it comes to those positions, we really know our stuff.

About Us

Ingredients suppliers best recruitment company

Weird Name, Right?

We often get asked about why we’re called 1485. Well, we didn’t want to be another cliché recruitment company trying to sound important, we wanted a name that actually meant something. As 1485 was founded by a Yorkshireman and a Lancastrian, we thought back to our history lessons and, with the War of the Roses ending between the houses of York and Lancaster in 1485, we felt that was something that would always be unique to us. One of the founders has left now, but shhh! We grew to really like the name, so it’s stayed.

Meet the team

Food Ingredients & Nutraceuticals

Paul Genders


Recruits in: UK & Europe

Food, Beverage & Nutrition

Andrew Baker

Head of Brands

Recruits in: UK, Europe & USA

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