96% of new clients return to us.

Business is a team sport. Your ability to attract brilliant, talented people is ultimately the reason why your business will succeed. And it’s the reason why you’ll feel good. Our expertise, built over decades of recruitment experience, is in finding and then attracting the right people to your business.

The recruitment we do is focused on 3 areas:

Food Ingredients

Food & Beverage Brands

Nutritional Brands & Nutraceuticals

Our Belief

We believe that finding people is the easy bit – if you know where to look and you’ve got the right tools. The more difficult part is in getting people’s attention. Why? Because whilst most people aren’t looking for a new job at any one time, most are willing to listen. There’s a big difference there.

Don’t Get Us Wrong

Getting attention doesn’t mean shouting the loudest. That’s not us at all. Nor does it mean talking about a “great opportunity” with an “exciting business” with no further reasoning. Think about it – would throwing around some adjectives make you quit your job to go to another? Of course not.

What We Do

If we partner with you, then in order to attract the absolute top performers to your company, we’ll explore with you:

What you do well

What makes you different to your competitors

Why your employees stay

And even – why your employees have previously left

You might not have all of the answers straight away. That’s OK – we can help. Our skill is in articulating all of this information to potential new employees – people we’ve identified who need to hear your message. People we know and understand. We’ve listened to what frustrates them, we’ve listened to what’s important to them. We know what makes each one different. We convert “people” into “candidates”.
People’s attention spans are shorter than ever right now. The message they hear needs to be accurate, consise and compelling. Ultimately, it needs to be so strong that a top performer will leave their current position to join your business. Defining that message is what we do best.

Our Services

Retained Search

Most of our work is retained – ie. we ask for a financial commitment for providing the solution you need. This suits assignments that require defined timescales, senior appointments, roles for which a highly specialist skillset is sought and assignments for which we think professionally designed documents should be in play to support us in order to attract high calibre candidates.

Non-Retained Search

Some of our search is non-retained – ie. we only take a fee after we fill the position for you. We’ll recommend working this way if we feel that we have candidates that will be interested in the role immediately, or if we can generate candidates quickly without going through the additional layers that we put into a retained search.

Talent Mapping

There’s many reasons why you may not be ready to begin the hiring process, yet you would like to know who’s out there. We can deliver the required insight to enable you to make an informed decision about your next steps.

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