We can help. But most of the time, the people we place into new positions aren’t “hunting”. They just recognise a better opportunity when it’s in front of them.

That’s what we’re here for. To get to know you and then be ready to pick up the phone when we’re handling the sort of opportunity that we think you’d like to know about.

We can advise in a number of ways.

Whether you want to ask about CV tweaking, interview technique or even how your salary stacks up to similar people in your industry, feel free to give us a call and we’ll say it how it is.

Are you ready for change?

Sometimes, you just know that you need it. But what we’ll want to know from you is what would motivate you to make that change? What does a company need to offer for you to take the time to update your CV, take a day off to go to an interview and ultimately, take on a new challenge?

What if the need’s urgent?

Then check out our current vacancies. But keep in mind that we don’t always advertise the roles we’re recruiting, so let us know you’re looking! And if you’ve got the skills we know are in demand, we can talk about being more proactive with your job search.

Our Services

CV Writing

We know what a strong CV looks like. There’s nothing worse than a great candidate not being invited for an interview because their CV doesn’t represent them well enough. If you need a bit (or a lot!) of guidance, let us know and we’ll help you out – your CV needs to do your career justice!

Interview Practice

The more interviews you go to, the better you perform. But that doesn’t help you if you’re going for your dream role and it’s your first interview in eight years! We can coach you, from the real basics right through to identifying possible job-specific questions and how to structure your answers.

Proactive Client Approaches

Our industries have some really specialist areas. That means that the right job for your experience might take longer than you want to wait to arise naturally. We can use your specialism to your advantage by approaching clients (confidentially, of course) who would see the greatest value from your experience.

Candidate Testimonials