Giving a little bit back

In 2021, we sponsored a local cricket team. We were their main sponsors for the season, and it cost us an awful lot of money.

Why? Well, we had this idea that we should give a bit back, and we thought that the local community was as good a place as any on which to focus our efforts.

Truth be told, we also liked the idea of seeing our logo everywhere, and the free bar we were promised at the club every Saturday made it a no-brainer. Turns out that was no truth to that part whatsoever, not that we’re bitter about it or anything…

Moving into 2022, and with the smell of freshly cut grass every Saturday quickly having made way for day-long battles with hayfever, we decided to sit down this year and decide where to focus our efforts with a lot more thought. What can we give back to the planet that really matters? Sure, sponsoring the cricket team was a nice gesture, but there’s bigger things happening in the world, things for which our money would be put to better use.

So, after thinking long and hard, we decided to sign up to Ecologi, an organisation that enables us to have a positive impact on the climate. For those who haven’t heard of it, essentially, you give them money and they spend 85% of those donations on planting trees all over the world from the UK, to the Amazon rainforest, to Madagascar to Malawi. It’s a truly global cause and with us working in the Food Ingredients sector on an international level, we thought that it was extremely relevant to us.

We’re going to donate every time we make a placement. We’re going to donate every time a client or candidate writes us a testimonial. And we have some sales records on the wall in our office, so every time one’s broken, we’ll be donating again.

We’re not going to make a big song and dance out of this, because, quite frankly, that’s just not us. But every now and again, we’ll give you an update of the amount of trees we’ve planted, because we’re proud of doing something that gives back. It might not be a lot compared to some of the corporate giants out there, but we’ll know we’re doing our bit.

To kick off our pledge, we’ve donated 1,485 trees. If you want to check our progress or make a tree donation, you can do so here: