B2B Sales Lead, USA – FUL Foods

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Up to €75k base plus lucrative commission
USA (Remote)
Excellent Bonus

FUL Foods is a female-founded, Amsterdam-based food-tech startup with a massive future. Having recently launched FUL Water into the b2c sector, it’s now time for the launch of our proprietary ingredient, FUL BLU, into the b2b marketplace. Move over, matcha. So long, turmeric. There’s a new big trend coming for Gen Z.

Don’t know much about us yet? Here’s the lowdown.

FUL comes from one of the most nutrient-dense natural substances on earth: Spirulina, a type of algae. However, FUL contains a far more nutritionally complete profile: it’s packed with natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes and proteins and unlike Spirulina, doesn’t contain vitamin K or high amounts of beta carotene. What’s more, we’ve perfected processes that give our ingredient stability across a range of pH levels and heat treatments, so the versatility of it is unbelievable. Add to that a 100% nutrient solubility and you start to appreciate how far-reaching the opportunities are here.

Combined with all of that, the market is rapidly moving away from artificial E numbers, so there’s an massive opening for BLU – which is, as you might have guessed, a totally natural vibrant blue color.

We have a huge focus on sustainability at FUL Foods. Here’s just a handful of things we’re proud of:

  • Unlike plant-based staples like pea or soy, FUL doesn’t require arable land
  • FUL uses no fertilizers or pesticides
  • FUL is kept in a closed loop system allowing 85% of water used in the production process to be collected and reutilized

Picturing opportunities? We’ve got the building blocks of something truly special.

You’ll have an almost blank piece of paper to go at here. This is a superfood that has huge potential in anything from juices and smoothies to ice creams and gummy candies, so we need someone with a packed Rolodex to get the conversations started.

You might have great connections in a range of smoothie chains. Maybe, contract manufacturers are where you can see big wins. Distributors could be a great avenue to open up. Coffee shop chains should have massive opportunities…the list goes on.

We’re really open minded with how this could work. There are just 2 non-negotiables from our side:

  • You’ll have a successful b2b background in selling superfoods or functional ingredients
  • You’ll have a deep network in at least a couple of the categories mentioned above

Here’s the cool bit.

You could be looking for a full time, part time or consultant position – we can make any of these work. Maybe you’ve recently retired and miss the buzz of the ingredients world…maybe you’re acting as a consultant for another business but still have plenty of time to give to this…or maybe you’re just looking for the next step in your career and want to join a business at a really early stage of the journey, with a bunch of different paths to develop your career. Maybe you’re a closer. Maybe you’re someone who can provide top of the funnel opportunities and leave the rest to us. If you’re the right character, we’ll make it fit.

You can be based anywhere in the US as you’ll be working from home. Actually, provided you’ve got the network in the US, you could be based anywhere in the world – this is a unique opportunity in that regard. The US market is the focus, that’s for sure, but hey, if you’ve got useful connections elsewhere too, we’re an entrepreneurial business that can make things happen, so we won’t ignore them!

Starting to see the potential? On top of your salary (up to $75,000 base), we’ll reward your success on a commission basis – and that’s where it could get really lucrative if you can line up some great opportunities.

Click “apply now” to express your interest with our retained recruiter, 1485 Ltd. They’ll tell you some more about us and find out more about your experience and circumstances.

Please note that any enquiries or applications, sent directly or indirectly to FUL Foods will be immediately forwarded to 1485 Ltd for consideration.


Here’s what you need to do

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